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Artist statement and about the artist

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I grew up in Appalachia Tennessee in a family of artists, surrounded by the beauty the Big South Fork National Park had to offer.  From as early as I can remember, I have been creating.  I attained my BA in art at Berea College.

     With my art, I send windows into the viewers’ souls to focus in new ways; to expand their world view and motivate new thought.

     With art, I aim to please.  I aim to show all that it is winnable; whether it is world peace, world patience, or world happiness.  By creating together, we learn that patience, humbleness, and a willingness to cooperate can become a reality.  All of this becomes the resolution that will bring us peace.  We all want to be led to resolution, adapting to the challenges the future world presents us.  This is why I paint these ‘dreams of the future’, to surround people with beauty, wear away the ugliness, and give people hope.

    My art has been featured in many juried art gallery shows in several states.   My work was has been on ESPN Sports Center and WBKO News.  I have written and published six books, two of which are art books, titled: Aspiring to Paint Like Van Gogh, and How to Paint Like Van Gogh.  I have been published in magazines, newspapers, and The Business of Art